Welcome to the family

When we opened Café Lago on a neighborhood corner in 1990, we had a simple mission: to share classic, Tuscan-inspired recipes that we grew up with—the dishes that forged our first food memories—in a restaurant where guests would feel at home.

To us, dining out means eating good food with good people. We love the sound of family chatter over plates of fresh-made pasta and pizza, and seeing kids creating crayon art on our paper-covered tables. We even keep a portfolio of our favorite masterpieces. We've enjoyed watching a lot of those kids grow up, and we hope that some of their best food memories have been forged by us. Now that some of them are starting to bring in children of their own, we feel that our original mission has been accomplished. 
We thank you.

“[…] Café Lago is a Seattle treasure and we have made many wonderful memories at the restaurant with our extended family and with friends. We’ll be back soon.”

- Henri Broekemate and family

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